PayPal and mail order

I am reasonably sure I have figured out how to receive PayPal payments for any items you might wish to order. This will make it more convenient for anyone for whom cash transactions would be impractical. This way I am now able to take orders for shipment by ExpressPost. ExpressPost charges will vary by size and weight of the shipment.

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Supplies now available

I am now supplying science materials and equipment to customers who have a pressing need for them. Microscopes, science project materials and some chemicals are available. At the moment I can process only cash transactions and orders must be payed in advance. I hope shortly to be able to process PayPal transactions.

Please e-mail me with a list of your requirements and I will prepare a quote for you.

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Possible location and wider range of products

A Richmond Hill location not far from Hillcrest Mall is being investigated. Products being offered will include not only microscopes and lab ware but also telescopes and magnifiers.

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Science Fair Supplies

By now you have heard that EfstonScience is closing their retail outlet. Many people have been asking me where they will go to get science fair supplies and advice. I have arranged to obtain many of these materials that EfstonScience now has in stock, and am working with suppliers to ensure a continuing inventory of these items, as well as lab ware and microscopes.

Keep your eyes on this website for news about this new venture. The location is to be determined, but it is expected that this will be known in time for the 2012-2013 science fair season.

If you send me an email: , I will send you email updates as they develop.

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Welcome to UpHill Learning, offering private in-home tutoring and scientific consulting.

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